Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silver Star

Today we wrapped up the last race in Silver Star. After arriving on Wednesday, it's been a busy week. Here are a few pictures of the goings on. Note - the pictures are from my phone so they are a little ghetto.

This is what it looks like when we unload the ski bags for twenty athletes and a bunch of service staff. We travel with a LOT of skis.

I love finding Fast Trax ski ties in random ski bags. Fast Trax is everywhere.

Getting ready to test. The stadium up here is super nice - West Yellowstone, you should take note.
It is snowy here.

Homemade powder mix. This looks like Holmenkol cold, but that is just a container. Mixing your own wax is the new cool.

The "Performance Team" at work. Race skis to the max.

Sometimes in snows in Silver Star. Usually it snows a lot. This is what we drove through to get to the venue this morning.
Main street Silver Star. This place is like the inside of a snow globe.

On the technical front, we tested a lot of wax over the past few days and liked the following things:

Paraffins: Swix LF6 (always low liability and will never hurt you, may not win the test but never far out)

Powders: Vauhit Goldfox, Homemade mix

Top Coats: Swix FC7WS, Holmenkol Cold block

Grip: Swix VR 40 (binder), Magnar 2.5 (main), Magnar 3.5 (cushion), Star Blue (cover)

Tonight I'll head into Vernon to have supper with the Williams. Tomorrow is a training day for the athletes and on Tuesday we drive to Rossland for the next set of races. Next week is a mini-tour (where there are results for both individual races and also cumulative results, like the Tour de Ski), so that will be a new experience.

Now we shower. I haven't had time to do that since Friday evening.

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