Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rossland - wrap up

I am currently sitting in the YXC airport (aka Cranbrook) waiting for my flight to Calgary and then on to Edmonton. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind with an awesome skate race and then the pursuit start classic race today.

One of the other wax team members was kind enough to drive me to Cranbrook and due to uncertainty with the weather, we actually left before today's race was even finished.

Here are some highlights from the past couple of days:

The inside of our wax tent for the skate distance race.

My office for the week was on the far left. It is nice when there are indoor waxing facilities, but these tents were a good compromise and trapped the sun well.

The ski depot - skate race. Nice and sunny, great weather again!

Two of our crates of equipment. These are what followed us up to the race site each day, however there are a lot more of these back at the hotel. It takes a lot of equipment to service twenty athletes.

At work.

Looking out the window of our kitchen. Some of the nice accommodations we've enjoyed.

Getting ready to harden bases for today's classic race.

Ready to make the powder application. As an interesting side note, I just came through security at YXC. Having that mask in my carry-on luggage caused me to be the subject of one of the most intensive airport searches I have ever had the pleasure of enduring.

The same ski depot from the picture above. Snowy today though, but still warm.

The women's field getting organized for the pursuit start.
Fuel for wax techs. It got pretty ugly last night - to bed at 1:00AM and up not many hours later.

Overall, it's been an awesome trips but I'm excited to get home and see everyone.

FT peeps.
Head FT peep.
We're on a boat.
 My flight is about to board at any moment, but I'd like to address an issue that I noticed on Facebook. There appears to be some suggestion that I can't grow a beard:

Proof of beard growing abilities. Boom.
That's all for now from BC. Check for the final mini-tour results.

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  1. Don't be ridiculous, that's clearly been photo shopped on.