Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Lake Weekend!

Some shots from the first weekend on the water. Really awesome to have Paul, Tyla, and Brian out too!

For those of you only interested in skiing posts... well, this is still technically a skiing post!

Getting loaded up to go!

There was an insane thunderstorm on the way to Boyle. Something like 90mm of rain feel in just a couple of hours.
Maryann enjoying the warm water. And her ridiculously floaty life jacket.

Getting things dialed in.

With the water looking great, Paul was the very first person to ski behind the new boat. Here he is in the water getting ready to go.

Paul pulling out. He got up the very first try!
We used up every last shred of daylight. Here is Paul laying down one last pass.

First ski of the year for me!
The next morning, Maryann woke up early and noticed that the lake was absolutely flat. Luckily, she woke me up and we were on the water by 7:30AM! We had the entire lake to ourselves. Amazing!

Ski Selection - Photos

A few pictures from this summer's trip:

Panoramic shot of the patio at the Kellerbräu. This is one of my favourite places to spend the evenings in Ried. It is also a local brewery and several hundred years old.

Grillteller. The only thing to order at the Kellerbräu. Grilled pork, chicken, beef, and a hotdog for good measure. Awesome!

The crew!

Arriving at the Salomon factory.

Reviewing the materials with Jean-Marc, the chief engineer.

Skis everywhere.
Deep in the mix!