Saturday, December 4, 2010

As promised

Today was a good day at the office. The team swept the medals in open men, had four in the top six in open women (including second and third), and our four juniors took first and third for men and first and second for women. Great day - full results.

On the skis front, speed was better in the afternoon for the heats. The service team did a great job completing a methodical test and settled on an awesome combination. We won't give away all the secrets, but Mike tweeted a big part of it:

Part of the recipe.
Tomorrow is a short classic race - 9km for everyone. The loop is tough, but not crazy hard. The key for that course is having classic skis that get consistent grip as the climbs are significant.

We are done eerily early tonight - Dieter and Peter finished up the base on the classic skis while we were testing so all that remains is to finalize topcoats, structure, and kick wax. We'll take care of that bright and early tomorrow morning.

Check Zone4 later for tomorrow's start list.

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