Monday, December 13, 2010

Decent Day at the Office

It's been a week of hard work, but this morning we got to sleep in a bit and go for a ski. Conditions were amazing - the sun was out (first time this week) and it was about -1. The trails were immaculate and it was awesome to just ski for fun!
This is what we woke up to see out our kitchen window - amazing view.
Skiing, just for fun - no testing this morning. Conditions were amazing. Ironically, I was skiing on test skis as I didn't bring any of my own boards.
We skied up to the summit of Silver Star Mountain where we found the highest chairlift. The trails were totally deserted on the way up.
Once at the top, there was some question as to how we should get down. We settled on skiing down the alpine runs. Total time to the top - about 1hr. Total time to the bottom - about 10 minutes.
That building on the left is where we've been staying this week. Those trails on the right are where we skied. Decent!
Apres ski lunch on the patio at Bugaboos in the village. I know that normally I don't like eating outside, but today it was warm (but not hot), no wind, and no bugs (because it is winter, obviously). Amazing lunch on the mountain.
Now we have dessert. Apple strudel.
The athletes are just starting to get back from their training for the day and soon we will start getting things organized to pack up. We still need to put our test skis away and clean up all of our equipment. You could liken our team's travel to when the Canadian forces enter or leave a theatre - just loading and unloading the gear is a major operation on its own.

As a side note, don't forget that you can check out the website ( to see everything else that is there.

More to follow tomorrow when we get to Rossland.

Peace out.

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