Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Run

It's been a while... but winter is here so the updates will start coming a little more frequently. Tonight, it is -8c and snowing in Edmonton. Paul and I went out and did the 4x4min intervals we missed last night due to the intense snowfall. It was an awesome run and it felt great to be outside.

The run looked like this - 4x4min, Garmin Details

I've really missed running with Paul throughout the summer and fall. Due to his work schedule, we haven't been able to train together much. But it's awesome having him in Edmonton again so that we can at least get out a few times a week. I always seem to run a little faster when he's around. 

I couldn't find any pictures of us running in the snow together, but in the process of looking I did manage to find this. So... that's something.
The route we took also brought me back several years to doing morning intervals with Lorris. When we were coaching, it was tough to get our own training in during practice. So we'd often meet before work and do the exact workout that Paul and I did tonight. Lorris lives in San Francisco now, so he and I don't get to see each other very often these days. Remembering those mornings makes me pretty happy though.

Lorris and me at the Olympics. We are a couple of good looking guys.
So, all in all a great night. There is talk of a 5km classic skiing time trial on Sunday. I'm already thinking about wax and ski options. It certainly isn't fitness that is going to put me in that race :)