Friday, February 21, 2014

Czech Republic (belated)

In January I was in the Czech Republic. I didn't take many pictures, but luckily Barbara did! It was fun to meet up with her in Nove Mesto at the races.

Next week I head to Lahti, Finland so it seem like it was time to post a few of these.

It was pretty green around the ski trails. You can see the ribbon of snow in the background.

Our hotel was right at the venue. That almost never happens. This was standing on my balcony surveying the scene early one more.

This is Kikkan. She won the skate sprint this weekend in Nove Mesto. As of today she has 19 World Cup podiums (including 10 victories) and 2 World Championship podiums (including 1 victory). She skis fast.

Wax trucks.

Testing, hours before race time.

Our hotel. A 90 second walk from the wax cabin to my room.

Nove Mesto drew one of the biggest crowds I have ever seen. And they were LOUD!

On course.

Saying something important on the radio.

At one point the giant inflatable banner fell down... MID RACE! Someone had to take charge.


Where's Waldo?

Cheering for Sophie.
Later we went to Prague. That was pretty neat. This is Cory (one of the other waxers) and me in the main square.