Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tour de Ski - 2013

Next up after Canmore was the Tour de Ski. There is a good overview of the event here - overview. In nutshell, this was seven races over the course of nine days at four different venues. Pretty intense.

Here is some stuff that happened.

An overview of where the races were.
Oberhof - Some of the wax cabins on the left. To the right you can see the waxing trucks of Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Pretty cool.

Oberhof - Lack of snow was an issue again. At certain points, pavement was actually showing through on the race course.

Oberhof - This is a picture of the venue. Sort of. The fog and rain that you see here is typical of Oberhof. It is a disgusting place to be in the winter and the entire World Cup is always excited to leave.

Oberhof - Wax cabins.

Oberhof - Applying structure.

Oberhof - Working.

Oberhof - Modern art? Nope. Just the six klisters that we tested and the aftermath of cleaning up the test skis.
Oberhof - Heading out to test.
Val Mustair - Compare this to the pictures of Oberhof above. This is what makes Switzerland better.

Val Mustair -See? So much better.

Val Mustair - The sun even shines here!

Val Mustair -  The refreshment room in the wax cabin had a fridge full of Coke. Hard to argue with that.
Val Mustair -  Matt, Cork, and me. Ready to get after it.
Italy - Since I was working with Noah at this year's Tour, I got to head up to the start of the point to point race in Cortina. It was a good day to be up in the mountains.

Italy - Racing in Italy is like racing in Germany... only the sun shines and it doesn't rain.

Italy - The stadium at Toblach. Take note of the hill in the middle-back of the picture. That is part of the sprint course and you'll also note it is a building!
I was lucky enough to be upgrade to the Executive First cabin for both my flight to and from Europe this time. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you should check it out here - Executive First. Seriously, go have a look. It will blow your mind. 

Next weekend Reid and are I heading to Duntroon, Ontario to do race support for a few folks at World Championship trials. This is Canada's last set of selection races for Worlds, so this is event is a big deal.

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