Sunday, January 20, 2013

Canmore World Cup - December 2012

I haven't managed to post anything here in a long time... too long, really. But that doesn't mean that nothing has been going on.

In December, Canmore hosted World Cups, which was the start of my season with the USST. I was working with Kris Freeman and Liz Stephen. Kris had some awesome races, but Liz was sick the entire time and didn't start a single event.

On the way to Canmore. Ski racing gets me excited.

Inside the wax cabin. All cleaned up at the end of a long day.

Canmore is a good venue, for sure one of the best in the World.

Getting after it.

We make amazing skis for the sprint and didn't want the entire world watching what we were applying. So we got some bottles from Canadian Tire and camouflaged them.

Testing skis.
Mass start. You can just see Kris poking his head out behind #21.

Kris racing hard.

The Norwegian girls came around the hotel one night with pastries and songs for Saint Lucia night.

More of Kris racing. He is #16 in this picture.

At one point, I was on live TV in Europe for several minutes when the cameras were in our wax cabin.

Sunrise at the venue.
Working on Kikan's skis for the sprint. That's me in the yellow jacket.

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