Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Made it to Sweden - just barely

It's been about 25 hours since I left my house and I finally just made it to Ostersund, more or less on schedule.

Here is a bit of what happened so far:

My test fleet with bindings finally mounted and stickers applied. Looking forward to getting these on the snow.

The temperature in Edmonton this morning. It is currently +1C in Ostersund.

The morning started off really well. After an easy trip to the airport, I checked in with tons of time. Air Canada was able to check my bags all the way through to Ostersund, despite this requiring two baggage tags.

My ride to Calgary. Loud, but pretty fast.

I put my compression socks on in Calgary. This was the first time I've travelled with them, and I'd say they worked really well. Marcelo is not crazy,

My ride to Frankfurt. I love flying Lufthansa.

So... things were going well, right up until I got on the plane in Calgary. There was a kid in my seat who wanted to trade for his spot in the middle of the big centre row. I had a window seat, which I prefer for sleeping. Obviously, I was having none of his plan and evicted him promptly. Boom.

The flight to Frankfurt was smooth and I had tons of time to make my connection to Stockholm. Sadly, however, this is where things really went wrong. I sat down at my gate and started to read. Eventally, everyone stood up to get on the plane, so I did too. Unfortunatley, I noticed that the sign read "Oslo" and not Stockholm - disaster. Upon checking my boarding pass, I was to be at gate A38 for my flight. I had been sitting at A40 the next one over.

I raced to the counter but it was too late. Apparently, they had called my name and everything, but between my tired state, the reading, and the accents, I just didn't notice.

After a little bit of sorting out issues (and catching a train to another terminal), I spent 75 tense minutes with the Air Canada people while they attempted to switch my flight. It was complicated as I had a connection to make in Stockholm that left little room for error.

Once the lady got everything sorted out, I had to sprint to securtiy, get whisked to the front of the line, and then sprint to the gate.

Due to the tight timeline in Stockholm, the process basically repeated. I sprinted through security and was the last one on the plane.

The bottom line is that I am here, but my bags definitely are not. It sounds like they should show up tonight, so fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is a team sprint (classic) so that should lead to some good adventures. Not sure what my internet situation will be going forward, but I'll try to keep everyone up to date.

(sorry about the terrible spelling in this post - I had to do this in a huge hurry and the Swedish spell check is not helpful)

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