Monday, January 10, 2011

Thunder Bay - a success

The team is home from Thunder Bay now and the trip was a resounding success. We are sending a total of nine people to World Junior and U23 Championships. See the full list here - CCC Team Announcement.

The trip home from the airport was perhaps the most epic part of this adventure, but more on that to follow.

Heidi killing it in the pursuit race. She punched her ticket to World Juniors.

Adding top coats to the skis. Even at -19C some top coats were making things better. Do you have Solda products in your box? You should.

The junior men's pursuit race was utter carnage. A massive crash 200m into the race resulted in four pairs of broken skis, including this one belonging to Bob. He proceeded to race back to the wax cabin, grab a warm-up ski, hang on through the classic portion, and then throw down the fastest skate time on the day. Gutsy performance.

A poster we found in Thunder Bay. I don't even know what to say about this. Read the DJ names who were playing at this gig.

Our furnace eventually stopped working. At many venues, this would have been a disaster. However, because we were at Lappe this was promptly rectified and an oil heater provided in the meantime!


Gord Jewett - 2010 Olympian and new recruit to the AWCA service squad. He survived, but he's very tired. Really excellent to have Gord along.

Further evidence that Thunder Bay is not good for my shape.

We had Thai food one night. Chris struggled with the spiciness a bit.

Flying home. I've read this issue quite a few times. Also, anyone who says that West Jet is better than Air Canada simply hasn't spent much time on airplanes.

Standard view.

The pickup lane at YEG. Apparently I live in the Tundra.

There is a lot of snow in Edmonton.

The next three weeks will be spent to Edmonton and then it is straight back into racing. I head to Sweden at the end of the month before jetting back just in time for the Canadian Birkie.

Game on!

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