Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lahti - PodiumS!!!

Saturday was a big day for us here in Lahti. For the first time ever two American ladies were on the podium at a Nordic World Cup. This was a BIG deal.

The crowds were awesome and really loud. Having tons of people out makes ski racing a lot of fun.
First we waxed some skis. I left my favourite scraper and brush behind accidentally after the last trip. Then the team left for Sochi. But as soon as we got to Lahti, Matt found all my stuff. This was a great start to what would soon be an even better day!

Skate sprint finish. Sophie (#25) on the far left and Kikkan (#11) second from the left.

Then this happened. Sophie is at the top of the picture and the red line is the finish. It couldn't get much closer than that.

Wait, what?!?

Isn't Lahti a nice place to put two ladies on the podium?

Flower ceremony!

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