Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Switzerland and a bit of Latvia

We are well into the trip at this point and have seen some great results, but I think the best is still to come. Here are some pictures from Switzerland and a bit of Lativa.

On the road from Munich to Olivone. This was easier and more fun than driving the cargo van into downtown Munich.

Fraser stayed awake for a while... but pretty soon he got tired. Jet lag is rough.

The stadium in Campra the day before the race.

Welcome to Switzerland.

Randomly, there is a hockey rink at the venue too. I like the Campra graffiti (that is where we are). Also, check out the roof. Yup, there is a lot of snow.

Hallway Bocce with Nish and Zoe.
Campra trails. Decent.

There is a sweet cafe in Campra. Kind of a hippie vibe, which isn't usually what I'm in to. But, it was a good place to hang out.

Hippie cafe.

Nish and Phil slaying the all time largest pot of cheese fondue.

Giovani (the hotel owner) utilizing the meat slicer in the dining room at our hotel.

You've heard of a tree fort? This is a ski fort.

Wax cabins.

Fraser got tired again.

Locally produced fig yogurt. I mean, come on. That's not even fair.

Good views on the way up to the race trails.

Nish and me killing it on the way back to Munich.

Our hotel in Munich included a rubber duckie in the bathroom.

Airport cappo.

This is what it looks like when six athletes and three staff check in to fly to Latvia. After €2,700 of baggage charges, we were on our way. What a scene.

airBaltic is new to me... and everyone on the trip.

The full moon came into view as we turned into Rigga. Pretty cool.

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