Sunday, January 1, 2012

TDS update - stage 4 complete

It's hard to believe that four stages of the Tour are already over. Tonight we are packing to head to Italy, so here are a few quick pictures (all stolen from Zach).
Foggy Oberhof Stadium. At least it wasn't pouring rain the way it has been in Oberstdorf. The weather in Germany is a major bummer.
Now we work.
The snow situation in Oberhof wasn't good.
This is what the track looked like the day before the race. It was a dirty, soft, rocky mess. The organizers did an amazing job of getting things in top shape for the race.
Zach's comment on this picture:  Toque got an all-access pass. That's a lot of zones he can get into. Serious VIP. His reputation must have preceded him.
Lunch in Oberhof. The first and only day we ate lunch at home (or before 5PM).
World Cup ski service is a lot fun, but don't kid yourself - it is work. We are up before the sun and home after dark every day.
Now we burn powder.

Yes, this respirator looks ridiculous but it is a treat to use as compared to my old mask.
New Year's Eve in Oberstdorf. Kikkan had hats and noisemakers to pass out.
All klister all the time.
Ultra pro.

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