Sunday, March 20, 2011

2010 Nationals - Canmore

With the completion of National Championships in Canmore on Saturday, the season is officially over for me. Here are a few images from the week.

Testing for the team sprint. When the weather is nice, there are some serious upsides to this job!

Main street, Canmore - groomed for skate and classic skiing.

On our way to get cappos at Communitea. Hands down the best cappo in Canmore. We ran matching Holbrooks, no big deal.

Now we burn powder wearing the famous toque, hood, mask combo. Some would say infamous...

Sometimes you have to make repairs on the fly. Eric has never claimed to be an electrician.

Now we fuel up. Only high octane for these performance engines.

There were no races on Thursday or Friday, so obviously I drove back to Edmonton on Wednesday night to work the next day. The roads were sketchy.

Brainstorming ideas for a powder test.

Stopping in Red Deer for a break. My car only got dirtier from here. Again, terrible roads.

Overall, I feel like we made some really excellent skis this week. Our performances for the women's sprint on Sunday afternoon and the long distance 50km on the final day really stand out.

We also made some really terrible skis, particularly for the classic sprint. When the tracks are glazed, keep that klister thin.

In terms of wax we ran on Ski*Go paraffins for the entire week - primarily HF green for the morning events and HF orange for the afternoon. For powders, Swix FC710, Vauhti Zerofox, Vauhti Goldfox, and Holmekol Mid all made appearances. Swix K22 klister was consistently the best kickwax, as long as it was applied properly.

Big ups to Jack for killing it in the 50km and to the team of Jack/Will for killing it in the team sprint!

At this point, it is back to real life to get down to the business of accounting. Game on.

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