Monday, November 22, 2010

By the Numbers

I have to admit that this is not what I envisioned for the first update of the season. Nevertheless, here is a summary of today, but the numbers:

3:30 - the time my alarm went off this morning

-16 - the temperature in Edmonton

1,000 - the number of questions asked by the friendly US customs agent

3 - the number of times we had to "reboot" the plane to try and clear a warning light.

110 - the number of minutes we sat on the tarmac in Edmonton

450 - the estimated weight in pounds of the lady across the aisle from me. Seriously, this was legendary. 

27 - the number of times the guy in front of me loudly announced he could call AMA to boost the plane while we waited.

2.5 - the number of hours my flight to Denver was late

30 - the number of minutes for which we sat on the tarmac in Denver waiting for a gate

30 - the number of seconds by which I missed my Bozeman connection

70 - the number of dollars it cost me to book a shuttle from Bozeman to West Yellowstone due to having missed my ride

0 - the amount of compensation in dollars offered by United to pay for my lunch

So, in summary, it's been a bit of a rough one so far. More to follow...

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