Friday, December 4, 2009

Update - Canmore

Tired after a long week and a crazy night of packing. L-R: Zach, Miller, Patrick, Nathan, Swede

Swede - offset technique

This was after the sprint race, which was entirely in the shade. It was cold in the trees and we were happy to get back in the sun.

Making race skis. 15 minutes to start.

Patrick - one skate.

More one skate.

I am awesome. Boom.

Testing isn't all about wax. The skis are the most important.

Making a powder test. Regretfully, my mask was back at the hotel. Self-boom.

The contents of the infamous satchel.


All set up and ready to rock.

Upon arrival.

I am in Canmore now at the Alberta Cup event. The Academy is using this as a tune up race to get ready for the trials races over the next couple of weeks. It's cold here - really cold. Tomorrow's race will go ahead but Sunday is not looking good.

Here are some pictures from West. Some of them you have seen already and all are courtesy of the Swede.

Also, the pictures went up in a random order and above the text. Sorry - it's too late to fix it.

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