Friday, July 3, 2009

Update re Ski Speed

Re #7 posted yesterday:

Despite what many people think, a 5% change in ski speed (ie better glide, which would be imperceptible by most people) could save up to a full minute over 10km. Test those top coats!

Actually, a 0.5% difference is almost always highly significant (statistically speaking) in good speed trap data, and can be detected by "feel" by just about any test pilot. A 0.2 - 0.3% difference is generally detectable, but not with high confidence by the pilot. A 5% difference is massive. Bigger than anything I've ever measured. The amazing thing is that a 0.5% which "should" only equate to 8-10 seconds in a 10K can make a minute difference. Average speed is carried speed and advantages compound over the length of the course. Ski speed is paradoxically cool.

- Zach

I love this stuff. Bottom line.

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