Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Race Night

It occurred to me that many of you have never been to Silver Star and would probably like to see what we're dealing with out here.

I brought my camera with me on this trip, however in my normal fashion it hasn't left the bottom of my clothes bag. Luckily, the resort is quite good at taking pictures, so here is a sample:

(Photo - Silver Star Mountain Resort, BC, Canada / Kimberley Knight)

This is what the downhill area looks like right now; the nordic trails are equally amazing! This afternoon Lorris and I snuck onto one of the downhill runs and hit part of it on our skate skis. Pretty sweet :)

(Photo - Silver Star Mountain Resort, BC, Canada / Don Weixl)

This is what the main street of the village looks like at night. The village is right at the base of the downhill area and all the buildings are in a Victorian theme.

Tomorrow is a 15km mass start skate race for Madeleine. The goal for tomorrow's race is to complete the second lap faster than the first and utilize good race tactics to catch a ride from one of the other athletes. It is super important to let someone else do the work whenever possible.

Start list is on Zone4 - start list

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