Skis - what you need to know

Ski selection is without question the most important factor in ensuring enjoyment on the trails. Whether you are toeing the line at World Cups or enjoying a Sunday at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre, the right pair of skis is the difference between the best afternoon of your life and a miserable experience. 

When selecting skis, there are two primary considerations: flex characteristics and overall quality. Skis need to be fit to both the skier and the targeted snow conditions. The flex characteristics include camber strength,  camber height, and pressure distribution. Taken together, these characteristics determine under which conditions a ski is most likely to perform at its best.  

More important than flex characteristics, however, is overall quality. Skis are made mostly by hand using materials that tend to have high levels of variability. The subtle factors that determine the overall quality are the difference between average and world class skis – unfortunately, not all skis are created equal.

Selecting excellent skis requires far more than a simple paper test or calculation based on your weight. Rather, selecting excellent skis demands significant on snow testing to understand the brands and materials. At Fast Trax, we work with local and national team athletes as coaches and technicians. We travel within North American and Europe to meet the technical reps, World Cup service staff, and engineers to better understand the product and refine our methods. We have invested significant resources in ensuring that you have the greatest skiing experience possible

Although all of the skis may be available by special order, those models carried in Fast Trax inventory are marked with a “*”.

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